Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy.. but..

Haha.. Im damn excited today. At last, i can see an end to the endless moment of loneliness dat ive been experiencing since last 30th December '08.. =]

Ive been spending the days alone.. ALONE in the house ( tho i had Farhan arond for a couple of days and Nsa and Mother.. ) for the last month nw.. So, ive been super lonely and bored.. Yea, bored all the time.. sad eh?

And to top it all up, the Internet was acting like a crazed biatch.. I mean, it doesnt work properly.. How sad right? HUhuhu~ Wic means, my only means of communication wasnt being cooperative enuf.. Haiz..

Todays everythng gonna change.. * big smile * Hahaha.. Daniel is back!! And Saras too!! And Farhan!! Yayyyy!! Big hugs fr everybody!! * yea wish.. i only hug'd Saras.. so weird to hug Daniel and Farhan.. Its like, hugging a tree..No response, all im getting is awkward stares.. Lol~ *

So anyway, they're back and dats wat matters.. Weeee!!

I be blogging more nw.. hahahah~ Im soo happy ( but still bored, class hvnt start yet.. sad eh? ive been having these super long holidays nw its killing me.. *

See ya soon~ Nights~ or mornin~

3 Mini Croaks:

大恒 said...

dont worry roz.....i oso boring all the days now..
cz i having my 1months sem break..but i stay at home only..

One Other ... said...

Wah... so happy! happy for u too. it must be contagious because i feel like grinning all day. just donno why. Hehe

Roz./Ed said...

PeyPey!! Hahahah~ u one month holiday only.. i three months wor!! sooo boring de!!!

One Other, im glad i inspired u to be in a grinning mode all day.. hehehhehe~~ =]

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