Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Can't Read!!!

The title has nothng to do with my blog post this mornin' but it's a newly favourite phrase of mine. =] wink wink!!

When you're attacked by a strange disease, or more well-known as Insomnia ( it's a Bitchy disease that won't let you go sleep; u feel like sleeping and damn tired and all, but somehow, and magically as it seem, you can't shut ur eyes and sleep.. Irritating isn't it? )

tHe point is, when u have insomnia, you'll hv more and MORE time on your hand to do watever that it is in your mind.. In my case, i think.. Weehee!! Cause i simply hv nothing to do, but to think.. and to voice out my mind in silly conversation ( in my case, my victim is Daniel.. )

We talked and bitched bout all people that crossed our mind.. we laughed and snorted.. and everythng else.. haha.. then the most important topic came up.. About our studies and how much sufferings it will cost us.. ( yea, most favourite topic in the world! dope! )

I've been whining about the tremendous amount of subjects i took this semester and the probability of me going crazy and even too stressed out.. I mean, i took 6subjects!! That's like, freaking too much! Lol.. I mean, in a way, it shudnt be troublesome at all, people done it before.. Its just being dramatic like an auntie.. Hehe..

The talks went on and on soo fast that everythng seemed like blurred light and eventually it stopped.. We went quiet.. We went into our own quiet little mind and think.. At least, im thinking.. I mean, theres gonna be soo much hardship since all 6subjects that i took is super challenging and require my utmost undivided attention.. I knw, ppl kept wishing me luck and all, but i still cant help but thnk of all those hardships.. Anyway, heres a list of all my subs.. =]

- Architecture Design 101
- Communication Principles 111
- Building Technology 101
- Architecture Culture 101
- Design Communication
- Drawing 2

Seriously, if u went thru my early years in LimKokWing, u wud knw hw hard it wud be..

Nw i knw, all i can do is to trust myself and brace myself to withstand all of these coming challenges... I knw i can do it, but it wont be clean.. Theres prolly be lots of crying, fits, tantrums, throwing of stuffs, etc etc.. But, i will try, i will.. Im sure i will!!

Sheesh.. the more i think about it, the more angry i am at myself.. I wasted times.. Valuable times last semester.. And i could've.. I would've been more relaxed this year..

Regretion is such a terrible thng.. Hurm..

Lets ponder more on thngs.....................



3 Mini Croaks:

Miss Mathew said...

hmmm...believe me whn I say tht wasting of time is the most evil action tht humans can possibly do. Cant really gv u advice since I'v been bugged wth it as well ;( nyways, we still hv to do wht we hv to do ya...

One Other ... said...

Sabar sabar... kita minum dulu!! :-)

Roz./Ed said...

JieJie : yes i knw.. i mean, i cant help it.. =] teehee.. dats soo bad, i knw.. but i am soo HYPED fr dis sem!! i will do better!!! thnks!! =D

One other : Yeaa hahah!! mana tu montoku/lihing???? heheh~

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