Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's get WET and eat FISH!!

* if ur one person with evil icky mind, u might thnk differently than wat i have in mind for ths blog post.. and yea, no pun intended.. *

Me, Roz.. haha.. Received a call from Jenna ( a very GOOOD Friend and a sis' of mine.. ) and asked me whether i wanna go and hit the pool ( the swimming one.. ) with David ( her Luvey.. ) and Shana ( a friend of hers, also a friend of mine.. =] ) and Daniel ( u knw him right? ) at Block C's..

Well, of course!! all i did all day was playing XDO and the very thng i want do that moment was getting out of the house and move my fat ass or just, anythng!!!!! Seriously, its like all my life was all about playing xdo!! I need to stop!! Arrgghh!!! Crack-pot!! ( playing xdo was fun and addictive laaa.. )

- hey der Shana! Long time no see!! -

Join up with Jenna, David and Shana at Block C swimming pool and, weeee!! Let's get wet!!! All of us gt wet, except Daniel who insisted that he should remain "dry" since he's nt in his swimming attire.. and Jenna..

Jenna : Come Daniel.. Just get in the water...
Daniel : No la.. Im nt in my swimmng clothes.. =]
Jenna : ( laugh loudly ) Go naked!

* conversations above hv been edited cause i cant remmber very well wat happnd.. haha.. *

We took lots of pictures ( since my cam is water-proof ) and chatted and asked this and that, like an interrogation.. U knw, questions like, hw are you? Hw have u been? Wat were you doing? Hows ur holidays? Wat subject? Wat this and that..

When it got too chilly, we all went out frm the water ( it irks me that i felt soo cold but im fat! i mean, isnt all those fats inside me supposed to protect me frm feeling cold?? soooo unfair!! i dun wanna be fat anymore!! )

Anyway we all made plans to go and hv dinner in Alamanda.. Sumthng healthy, like healthy food.. Hehehe.. I guess, healthy food is like, erm, cooked food but with very minimal seasoning and no oil, not fried, and with a "HEALTHY FOOD" label on it.. well, dats wat i thought..

In the end, we all ended up in Manhattan's Fish Market!! And everythng there is well, fried!! Wow!! Wat ever happnd to being healthy?? huhhuhuh.. But seriously, i dont mind at all.. I hvnt eaten in MFM fr a while nw..

To sum it all up, the dinig experience in MFM was very superb.. I was sooo fulll!!! Fish is sooo good.. Yum yum!! I miss seafood!! I miss my hometown and all of its freshy fresh seafood!! Aaaaa, im salivating nw.. Ummmm...... Oh i had Fish and Chips, with amy choice of dory fish as the fillet.. =]

- this is way tooo good!! hehe~ i luv it.. -

After dinner, we had this one dessert, Chocolate Mud Pie.. I was expecting brownies with ice cream and choc' sauce, mind u.. I was beyond full, but i still can push myself fr these treats, okay???

- looks simply scrumptiously scrumptious delicious, but, its just way too plain.. -

But when it arrived at our table, Chocolate Mud Pie turns out to be only just ice-cream with choc' sauce.. sooo disappointing! And it even made me feel guilty eatng it!!!!!! Ewwww!! Bitch!!! And it cost rm10.90!!! fr only ice cream!!! i can even do better than this!!! Ewwww!! Double irritation!! Its like a mosquito bite all over ur body!! Eeeee!!

After dinner, me and Daniel stayed in Alamanda to buy some household stuff ( i knw, i kept buying.. ) I bought few stuff like deodariser fr my room ( Oooo, Jasmine too!! ) and trash bin, and shampoo and conditioner, etc etc.. And when i paid up, i din asked fr plastics bag!! I was saving the Earth!! Oooo!!! WOW!!! Im sooo noble!! I shud get a Nobel Prize!! its like, Noble Prize!!! I shud really get one!! I wonder hw to apply.. Hurm.. ( if anybody knw, pls tell me ar? )

Me and Danie took bus to go back tho we've debated whether we shud hv just take a taxi to go back.. But since we're.. like having this holes in our pockets, i mean the holes are EVERYWHERE!! Lucky nt in the front part tho.. That wud be, urm.. scenic... Hahahhaha!! Ewww, perv'!!! Shut up!! Go away!!

Well, we arrived back safely~~ yeaaa!! * kisses *

Erm, dats all?? heheh~

Oh yea! On the way back, inside d bus T429, well, lemme tell u, the bus was super crowded u knw! I was sitting down, of course.. Hehe.. Im good at finding empty seats and hastily lay my fat ass on it asap before anyone can sit on it before i do.. Its like, a persaingan ( survival of the fittest )

well, it came down to when the bus jerked and halted to a stop.. ( dats when the story begins.. ) since there were way too many people standing, some loose their balance, staggered and even fell.. There was one girl standing in front of me, carrying these basket ( like those used to selling kuih/treats in the pasar/market..) She fell, and i reached forward like a Hero i am to grab her from falling to her doom aka embarrassment.. I grabbed her waist and yeah, my heroic act had saved her from her plunging fall.. ( but seriously, i had problem keeping my face straight.. i was on the verge of laughing out WAY TOO LOUD.. )

She din even said thank you to me la, i think because the fact that she actually fell, hurts her more than the fact that i saved her.. Lol.. I mean, its too embarrassing.. and people were watching and looking at her.. and since i think i grabbed her waist pretty hard while catching her, it ought to leave a bruise or sumthng.. well, nt my fault!! Humph!! At least i saved her.. Hehehhe~

And dats all der is to the day~ Exciting eh? Cant wait fr my frst day at campus!! Wee!!



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