Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Foods in Cyberia = Sucks!

Okay I am not playing here but the foods in Cyberia, or in a larger content, CYBERJAYA SUCKS BIG TIME!!

They seriously don't look one bit like this.. :(

- Okay, I know they're not food, but I wouldn't say No to THAT! Hehehe.. -

But instead, foods in Cyberia looks like this!!

So daym oily and not varied.. :(

Even ordering soup also got many oil.. Euughh.. I hate it..

Normally people wouldn't make a huge fuss about foods here, but I do.. I guess its just the way I am.. I hate unhealthy food ( yeah, we all do.. but I don't think we have the willpower to avoid em'.. )

Cause they look so soooo good.. Mmmm~~

But I don't want these kind of foods anymore, I want DIM SUM, BAO, Mee soup.. You know..???

All those foods where you use as minimal of oil as possible..???

Can or not..?

So lazy eating oily food le.. It fills my eyes with anger at the sight of oil in my food.. :(

Please la someone, open some genuine Chinese restaur
ant in Cyberjaya.. I want those dim sum shop, the Chinese Mix Rice, the everything Chinese food.. or sushi.. or anything that is cooked without oil.. or less oil ( acceptable also.. )

Normally I would have to go to Puchong or Sri Kembangan to enjoy these kind of foods.. but at the mean time, I just have to brace myself and eat me some oily foods.. :(


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