Monday, February 21, 2011

Pochi's Diary

A Fun Day at the Beach! WOOFF!!

Hi, before I start of my journal, let me introduce myself.. Isn't that what people would usually do..? Introduce themselves..?

I wanna be known too you know.. I might just be Pochi to you, but theres a lot more to that than what you just have in mind!! I am more bigger and fluffier and woofier and definitely, more hairier than you!! ( note the sarcasm..? Hhaahha I am known to do that most of the time.. Love me.. )

I love to run, and eat treats because they're so yummy and tasty and sweet.. I don't know why my owner doesn't like it.. He bite into one of my treats bar last time, and he made this very ugly face after that.. I just can't get it??? They're so delicious! Why do you do the ugly face?? I hate you! You don't know how to appreciate good stuff!! Grrr!! WOOFF!!

Okay before I got tooo carried away.. Here goes..

-------- Fun day at the Beach ----------

I woke up this morning with a trace of saliva on my beautiful golden fur.. grrr... one of those days, I guess.. I've been having these nightmares these few weeks about me getting fat.. Oh god!! I was sooo freaked out!! Like you know, getting fat?? Me..?? A GOLDEN RETRIEVER?? A FAT GOLDEN RETRIEVER??? FAT AND LAZY???


So like, at around 10 in the morning, i saw my owner came with his sister using their mums' car, the Awesome White Naza Sorento.. I like that car.. I wish I can drive that car one day, you know, like that film, Marmaduke? Oh I hate the actor.. His acting so bad.. I can do better.. Humph!!

So like, they were moving so fast.. Zooming in and out of the house, loading stuffs I don't really now..

Hey, I'm a dog okay??? I don't speak human..? I would have asked if I could, but they would just think I'm making noise and smack me.. Do you want to see me get smacked by Rozan???? DO YOU??? COULD YOU???

After somewhat 10minutes or more of packing and loading, Rozan finally turn to me and said, Come here Boy.. Sweetly enough that I fell for the charm..

He carried me gently, and put me into the back of the car..

And here, I felt scared..

( to be continued.. I need to go poo.. )


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