Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something shocking about the already known.

Oh God..

I knew it I just knew it!!

Something that is already known to me, but I kept it inside me...

For fear that it might "just" not be right...

This morning woke up with a tinge of irritation.. ( I hated waking up in the morning.. )

And when I checked my usual sites, Oh GOD!

So it is true..

But I guess I'll just keep it inside me, again...

It makes no great feats to spread it around..


Aaarrgghhh but it irritates me so.. T_T"

I feel like pulling all my hair out when I found out about "that".. XD
( but I'll do it in a "sexy seductive way" so it'll leave a good impression )

You know, like one of those bitches having a super fit??
Or whip my hair around like that girl, whats her name? some Smith something..

I tried..

And I puked..

I can't even remember where I am after that.. >_<"



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