Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stupid Irritating PMS Ridden Bus Driver!!!

I was on my way back home from Alamanda just now, using the bus, after a long long day of work when "it" happened..

Lemme fill in all the loopholes before that..

I'm working part-time in Quiksilver Alamanda.. ( teehee.. no discounts okay..? i can only give you the member discounts, 10% so don't get your hopes up.. )

Okay enough about loopholes...

I was on my way up the bus..

To be polite, I asked if the bus would be heading to Putrajaya Central, because I once board a bus and it doesn't head to Putrajaya Central.. It ended up with huge mess..

I suffered the worse.. (- 3 - )/'

So lets back to the main story..

So I asked him.. And he answered me in this super bitchy tones.. "Yeaaaaaaaaaaa.."

Naturally I would feel humiliated.. There was a long queue and I am, always will be a vain conceited super-self conscious person I will always be; felt very very utterly disgustingly humiliated!! BY A BUS DRIVER!! EEEWWW!!!

So I just chuck in the 50cents money into the thingy ( the place where you put in the bus fare.. )
and just strode off to my seat..

Daym bus driver.. Ruining my Chinese New Year mood.. :(


I got a lot of comments today.. Some I quite like.. :p

I got a lot of "You tak dapat cuti ke boy..? " and a few "You bukan Cina ke..?"

Hahahah.. I guess lots of people thought I'm a Chinese boy and are surprised that I was still working and didn't get any holidays..

Sweet.. :p

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