Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a very looong nite..

Haiz... Looks like my habit of doing everything last minute one really cost me... Haiz!!!! Sialan!! Lol... Like nw, its like, 6.30 in the morning, and im still awake (nt like i want too... damn bitch!!) still doin my works... haiz... lemme show u wat i have to do... heheh~

This stuff!!! using my RM100 technical pen!!! and its A2 size somemore!!! and i need to do 2 of this shit!!! waaaaaaa!!!!!! so unfair!!!!! and its sooo hard!!!!!!!!!!! wuuuu!!! have mercy!!!!

like HELL, im soo sleepy and tired now... even tho i drank coffee, somethng i dun really like~~ ughhhh....
coffee.. heheh~ Straight delivery from Starbux!!

sO like, im soo sleepy, i'd be happy to just skip class and sleep~~~ (like wat i did yesterday.. heheh.. i'll tell u d complete story~~)

every monday, i have 3 classes.. 9am to 12pm, i have design class..

then at 12.30 to 4.30 i have Built Environment..

then from 5 to 8 i have islamic studies...

i know, life's hectic... ughhhh~~~

well, yesterday, i sort of woke up at around 12pm.. wow!!!! well, its nt my best record.. hehe~ and when i woke up, i gt this feeling of.. errr... pure hatred towards class.. hahahha... thus i decided to SKIP CLASS!!! AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!


happy eyes, sort of.. hehehhe~

anyway... i dun think can finish work la... wuuuuuu~~ sleep~~~ sleepy~~~

watever... nitez...

p/s : i wont sleep... hahhahaha~~ just relax.. heheh~~

oh forgot to say!!! i download many songs today!!!! heheheh~~ yippie!!!! hahahha~~~

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