Sunday, April 6, 2008

Today!! Today!! BAD BAD DAY!!

Hurm.. Today was kinda bad... I just realised both of my pendrive is gone!!! Waaaa!!! Cant find it anywhere!! So damn!!! Wat a bad thing to happen, and i do need the pendrive!!! Waaa!! S oo evil, why does it have to be this way?

Woke up around 10am and got ready to go to Street Mall's Master Arts Shop, to buy some supplies and materials for my model.. Little did i know tat i had to wait for the bus.. A loooong uneventful, hot waiting for the fcuking bus!!! Damn.. I wasted 40minutes just waiting for the bus whereas i could have done a lot in the meantime, if i were not waiting for the bus.. Drat!!! But tats nt the only bad things tat happened.. Haiz.. Life is just soo full of bad times...

Went i reach Street Mall ( finally ), i found out tat the shop isnt open yet!! WTF!?! Wat the hell?? Im wasting my time again!!! Fuck!!! I was beyond piss'd off.. I was.. on the verge of becoming a savages.. I was ready to break the shop's door and just buy watever i need, but.. haiz.. the image of me gettng caught by the police really will NOT make my day any better than it is.. Haiz.. So i decided to go and chill out at D' Arif Restaurant.. Ordered the usual Iced Tea........

DAMN!!! Why everythng so bad today??? Even the iced tea tasted bad!!! Its really.. tasteless!! Damn!!!!!!! Arrggghh!! Why??? Wuuuuu..... But wat the hell.. Might just as well drink it, eventhough it tastes really bad.. Haiz... So when im done drinking ( without satisfaction ), i paid the drink and went back hum.. Haiz.. So much for wanting to buy materials..

Back hum, i straight away start on my model and etc etc.. Daniel join me about an hour or so after that ( he just woke up!! dat lazy bitch! hahah.. ) so then, after tat, happily and contently working on the model, with very limited material n all.. haiz.. wat a bad day..

Erm.. Stop, Rewind!! Days ago, Stella Ler sent me an email.. Yayyy! Bless her.. Its about adopting dogs.. Wow!! So i called the person today and ask them wat is it about and all.. The ppl explained to me, long and.. errr.. well, it was informative.. Called Jenna after tat and she was like, Oh my god! Dats gud news.. So i took tat as a green light to get a doggie.. Yayyy.. We're gettng a doggie!! I'm soo happy, it made my grumbling stomach shut up.. Hahahah..

But, hunger got the best out of me.. Later on, really, i admit, i was beyond starvation.. I was on the verge of dying... or becoming a cannibal.. Just cut off Daniel and eat him.. Hahahah.. Well, Daniel was hungry too; we were both havent eaten a single thing from morning.. Haiz.. Student life..

Cooked Nasi Goreng, with minimal ingredients.. Sad.. Havent go grocery shopping yet... Sad.. No time la!!! I so busy la!!! Went to Street Mall after tat, with Daniel and Anne.. Err.. Well, i called Anne to fetch me and Daniel.. Went to Master Art, bought watever we needed and went to OldTown White Coffee, for the usual yam char session.. Hahahha... Ate toast and drank tea, while Daniel ordered ice blended somethng, a glass of Coffee Icecream and A jawa mee!! Damn.. Hes nt full yet?? And Anne ordered toast, water and blueberry icecream.. Oh ok.. Hehehhe~ After went back and start to do the model again.. Well, i am running out of time.. Haiz...

My food!! hehehe~

So like, went we went back, saw a container containing pineapple tart.. Ugh.. I hate pineapple tart!! No offence, but i just hate pineapple.. Hehhehe.. Soorryyy Far... After a while doin the model, saw Farhan came out of his room ( finally ), and MY GOSH!! He look'd amazingly, disgustingly, exceptionally sick!! My god!! i really got worried, cause if he continue on, doing his work with minimal rest, he might just faint!!! Gulp!! No Farhan!! I love u!!! Don die!!!! Lol... Sent him a message thru MSN cause i dun feel like talking to him face-to-face.. Hahahha.. Haiz.. Paiseh!!! Paiseh!! ask him to, u knw.. take care n stuff... ceh!! But it was proven tat hes as stubborn as Daniel!!! haiz... dunno la wat to do~ heheh~

at around 3am, Daniel started to.. i dunno.. losing it.. he was acting very weird.. looked really stress... damn!!! why?? why are u all like dis??? likewise, i tried to comfort him, but obviously it didnt work.. Damn!! Arent there sumthng i can do?? please la u all!! i knw we're working like hell here, but please, relax and take it easy!! haiz... u guys shud learn from me how to control stresss.. hehhee...

anyway, dats all for today. im soo tired, but theres still so many work.. why??? aaaa!!! help me!! have mercy!!! erm.. okay then. heheh.. gud nite mr.bloggie!! sweet dreams.. i wanna continue doin my work o.. hehhe~ see ya tomoro!!!

my model, the base.. the roof is nt done yet.. haiz...

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