Friday, April 25, 2008

Durian Durian Durian!!

Hey since im in KL, its been ages since i get to eat durian, aka the king of all fruit.. Hahahah~ Well, as we all aware, the international ppl dun like it because of its strong pungent smell, tat we malaysian seem to luv it.. Hahahha~

So like today, went to Alamanda's Carrefour to do some grocery shopping like a mamma~~ And guess wat i saw??? Durian for sale!!!! Oh lemme explain a bit.. The trip to Alamanda consist of me; urs truly, Anne, Daniel and Jenna.. Hehehhe~

ZZzzzzttZTztzzztZTZzZTtztTTTzzttztztzz... Zap to the "REAL" story...

And so, me, Anne and Daniel was ecstatic!! Jenna being the international ppl look at it with disdain and said, " It doesn't look good.. is it good?"

Hahahaha...So funny... We bought three packets and kinda force Jenna to taste it whn we got back hum.. Huhuhuh...

And managed to play along d way too~ Hhehehe~~

Messing around at Secret Recipe!!!

Heyyyy!! i can fit in it!! hahahah!!!


Me and Anne on our Durian Trip~ Hhahaha~

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