Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Waaa~ i dunno oo!!!

So like today, nothng much happnd.. Hurm.. The fact that it's soo hot this morning made everythng seems worse.. Urrgghhh... :( then i just realised, Blogspot dun have any emoticons!! Waaaa!! soo bad!!! but seriously, i dun wanna move my blog to Xanga or sumthng.. Haiz... Guess i just have to do it manually now.. Hehehe~

Anyway, back to my story.. Today was soo hot.. Woke up at 11.49am and straight away ran to the toilet and bath and etc etc.. u know, the usual morning prep.. hehe.. when i finally finish bathng n stuff, and Daniel d bitch too, it was around 12.30.. heheh.. nice... went to the bus stop and waited for the bus.. haiz... its sooo hot and.. the bus was really takin its merry time.. so late n i'm well late for my class tat started at 12pm!! haiz!!!

Okay.. when i reach d class... yayyy... nothng much happened la... My lecturer din marah oso eventho i always late her class one.. hehehhe~~ cool Ms Mazlinah!! Yayyyyy... so did the tutorial work n stuff.. and before i know it, class was over!! this is wat i like about Measurement and Application class... It ends quickly.. hehehe~~

Later went to Padi Restaurant with Echelle, Jenna, Daniel and Anne... Sorry din took pictures.. Was so hungry din even sempat take pictures... Hehhehe... Haiz.. cant show u the things that we ate.. wuuuuu!!!

Haiz.. Okay la!! so malas d wanna write... no mood liao la!!!!

see you guys later.... till then, nite nite...

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