Friday, April 4, 2008

1, 2, and 3... Go!!!

Yayyyyy!! Today i'm prepared!!! Huhuhuh.... Super prepared!!!! Yayyyy!! Errr.. Lemme tell u about my day today in which my day was one of the flawless day that i had in these days that i have been having days with.. Lol...

"Stupid sentence from a foolish person.. Haiz..."

Today was having class at usual, erm.. since its grandiose Thursday, meaning i'll be having gloomy English class today as usual on every Thursday noon.... So i woke up at 12.49pm (awww.. luckily i managed to wake up.. dang.. slept late last dark night, at around 4Quarter in the chilly morning).........

ehem.. i used a lot of adjectives today since thats wat i learnt in class today.. the overwhelming usage of adjectives for the future report about the prestigious and elegant concept store.. heheh..
anyway, errr... i forgot wat i wanna say.. Farhan just came to my room just now, asking me to help him burn sumthng... Haiz.... Hheheeh~ Yayyyy.. Farhan!!!!

Anyway (after 5 mnutes thinking..) oh yeah.. like i said, i woke up at 12.49pm, just in time to bath and dress up.. (luckily Daniel bathe before me, so i had the toilet all for myself.. yayyy) so when we reach the bus stop, MY GOD!!! Goodness gracious!! The bus was there.. So Daniel and me was running like hell to the bus and stop it just in time... and found tat the bus was super crowded.. Damn.... anyway, we just fit in the bus and i saw Jenna!! Yayy.. Hhehehe~

"Oh okay, Jenna is a Mauritians gal from my class.. she's a Interior Architect student, and well, needless to say, shes very pretty with cute cheeky smile.. hehhehe"

Pictures of me and Jenna.. hehhehe~

I sat beside Jenna in d class, happily chattng during the class and laugh at everyone tat we wish.. (Not to mention talking about everyone.. hahah) during the class, i admit, i was very hngry... yeah, no breakfast and all.. hahaha... my stomach was shouting in agony, and started out to make mischief.. haiz...he was shouting in deep hoarse voice!! even Jenna noticed (lucky for me, she was d only one dat noticed.. hahahha) and we made jokes out of it.. hahahah.. theres this one time tat the teacher asked us wat we heard in the class, and Jenna blurted out, Rozan's stomach growling!! hahahaha!! everyone laugh.. well, it was fun.. Im soo lucky to have her as friend.. hehehhe~~

Later on we, as in me, Jenna, Daniel and Anne went to Padi.. Again for lunch... Yayyyyy... we ordered foods.. heheheh.. dhurrr...erm.. dis is our receipt.. hehehe~

So like, tats the things tat we asked for.. hehehhe.. i cant help but telling u how eager we were waiting for the food... Meanwhile, we chatted and talked about the class that we had just now.. Awwww... how serene and happy the moment was.. Tats a students life.. Hahahah.. It was fun.. hehehhe... Then, someones food came, Daniel's.. hehehhe.. we took the liberty by asking one of the staff to take our picture and here was it..

Then, shortly after dat, Jenna's food was here!! Hhehehe~ heres her picture!!

And after tat, its Anne's.. Hheheeh~~ Lemme say, everyones happy with their food.. heheh~

Anne waste no time in finishing her food... Yum yum.. Hhehehe~ She started to wolf down her food!! Crunch crunch!! And mine was the last one to arrived.. Damn.. Why was i so unlucky?? Wuuu~~

Hehehhe~ I enjoyed the food.. but dun really like it.. The chicken was kind of hard and sooo not tender at all.. Less than that, its not even juicy.. I wonder what kind of chicken they use for that.. Haiz... Wanna have a closer view of my food??

Well, after eating.. Burpppppppp... I started to fool around with Jenna.. she took out her medicine; some pills for her elegy due to eating some unfresh foods.. hehehhe~ i asked her for some of her pills and ravenously munch them down since i forgot the taste of medicine.. hahaha~ its been a while since i have to eat medicine.. huhuh~

Man!! i look ugly here!!! Damn!!!!

hen after that, we wen to StreetMall to buy some supplies for our studies.. hehhehe~ and.. OH!! I left out some part.. it happened after class ended.. hehehe~ me, anne and jenna was fooling around at the public phone near IH (International House) office.. hehhehe.. we were pushing all the buttons on the phone, acting like spoiled brats.. hahahha~

Anne and Jenna.. Hehehe~

Well tats all.. hahahha~ and at around 7pm, went to the gym with Jenna.. hehehhe~ well, i need to loose some weight and so does Jenna.. Hhehehhe~ well, since i really dun wanna talk more on that, i just put on some pictures and u guys just use ur "decrepit" imagination and.. i dunno.. just let it "flow".. hahhaha~~

Trying the bicycle thingy.. Boy wasnt it really "hard"???
i cant just help not to take pictures of myself.. (i took this picture when im nt least expecting it.. hahaha!!)

lol.. another bicycle session.. hehehhe~~ well, i tried the treadmill.. it was ok.. but i din use shoes so din realy got a good shot at it.. hehhe~ maybe next time.. hehhe~

well, tats all for my blog today.. hehehe~ so fun!!!!

Conclusion : today is better than yesterday.. obviously, dhurrr!!!! hehehhe.. i had lots of fun today~~ yayyyyy~~~ hehehehe~ i even get to loose some weight, i hope.. hahahah~~

Lesson of the day : adjectives is goood!!! hahaha~~



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