Monday, June 23, 2008

Bored.. i'm bored...

Its blogging time!! <- reminds me of some quote from White Chicks.. Difference is, they were saying, " Oh it's mama time.. U wanna talk about mama"

Haha.. Those two bitch.. So funny!! But hey, we luv em' soo much for making these mama jokes!! Hahahah~

Few mama jokes i know or heard from sumwhere b4.. >.<

- ur mama is soo scary, ppl make her birthday, a HALLOWEEN!!!

- Yo momma's so ugly, people go as her to Halloween parties.

- Your mom is so stupid she thought that a parental control was an abortion

- momma so fat, when she gets on the scales it says 'to be continued...'

- your mama so fat, she fell off the GRAND CANYON and got STUCK!!

- yo mom is so stupid, she tripped over a cordless phone.

Okay okay.. enough laughing over some mama.. hehe.. seriously..

Hurm.. actually i did absolutely NOTHING today; much to my dismay.. i mean, hell!! i just waste a day of my life!! if i were to do sumthng; bad, naughty, good, angelic, etc etc wud be okay, but i did nothing at all!! All i did was just lazing around, while playing some game in my lappie!!

Wat the fcuk???

Damn.. i need a life.. Hurm..

Well, at least i did sumthng good.. haha.. i bathe like, a thousand times... and u mighty divide dat by 200.. haha~

if u really really sux at Maths, nevermind.. i'll help ya buddy..

1000/200 = 5!!

i bathe 5times today.. haha~ i guess i bathe when there's nothing to do or when its gettng hot.. Reminds me of some animals, tat cools off by rolling in mud or spraying themselves wif water!! haha!!! >.< NOOO!! Dats bad!! Im no animal.. wuuuuu!! :( ummm.. wat shud i write today?? aarrrggghhh!!! its gettng boring now dats its holiday!! waaaa!! cant wait to go Redang tho.. hehehe~ ok then..


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