Saturday, June 14, 2008

I just.. died..

I know for God's sake i promised to write about my presentation, but, i just cant find the correct mood to write about it.. Sorry folks.. :(

Anyway, today.. Its the day for the second and the last written paper exam for my course, which is the English Paper.. Muahahah! Shud be piece of cake, dun u tink? its only english wat, so easy.. like, stealing candy from a baby.. Heheh.. Well, i thought wrong!!!

Reminder to self; next time theres a test, be prepared and please, please STICK TO THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! Dont go OVERBOARD!!!!! Bitch!!! Bastard!!! Stupid!! Dumb ass!!!


Bt, just... DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ate at "Makanlah".. chatted with Jason Jung, Lee Carrol, Kim Li Ting, Will... Planned a trip to Redang soon.. :D

Humm... went to StreetMall.. Bought two books from a pasar tani.. Heyyyy!!! Booksss!!!! Weee!!! Went to see doctor.. She scolded me for straining my neck ( i placed my lappie on my bed, and was lying on my stomach while using it.. bad idea.. )

Got the "sick leave"!! Yippie!! Mission accomplished!!

Went to school for Design submission..

Went to Padi to eat.. ( agen, man how am i going to be thin this way? haha )


Sad part, i guess..

I guess, things are not always as it seems.. There just had to be sumthng amiss, or sumthng tat we never least expected.. Haiz.. I guess, this is how life is; it is never smooth sailing, but full of torrential waves and rain, with dark clouds... with a layer of cheese on top!! :D

I never would have thought, somethng tat i have put up with all this time, well, let me just say, its only me.. The feeling only existed for me, i alone feels it, but not to others... Seriously, this really tear me apart... I mean, im really happy and appreciate that a certain level of honesty was
at present here, but.. Wow.. It sure does blows a hole right thru my head! Hehe..

It made me realised, things does not always happen'd d way i wan it to be.. I shud stop really, living in this "happy world" of mine, and start living in the present, the reality, the dark, cold, harsh reality... I guess, its time.. for Roz to die..

Okay im not trying to be emo here.. U knw, the part where i write suicide notes and start to wear dark, fitter-than-thou clothes..Its just, realization have a weird way of making you see the real world in a different perspective; one that u never expected before.. And boy, it hurts.. it hurts so much, i think i wud just rather die..

Knowing the real facts about some certain things, made it all clear to me.. I mean, crystal clear.. I suddenly thought about sumthng on a different angle; which sumthng i never bothered before.. Hurm... So.. This is the day..

Tat Roz died....

Its time for a new Roz............................

( this post is kinda emo, it even freaked me a bit.. )

( and take note, there is no PUN intended in this post.. )

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Daniel^_^Chin said...

Wow...this post really freaks me out man o.O. I dunno what to say, is it really a big big deal, maybe it is to you. But frankly, dun take it too seriously. I guess u handled it the wrong way...dun die, be yourself...dun try to change urself because of other people. it's just stupid to think like that. Nobody can change their true personality, so embrace urself, and i would suggest spending more time to urself rather than thinking about other people...vanity is not only physical...if u wanna be vain, be a true one :P...anyways, v r still friends rite...luv ya :P

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