Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cool nifty heritage of all time~

Hehe~ Like, its almost 3am now.. huhu and im still here, working my ass out; trying to finish my History and Culture journals.. hehe~ Well, partly my fault too, i was too busy being a bitchin' procrastinator of all time!!

Muahaha! Im so bad!! * seriously, lucky i din get any defer letter~ haiz*

While i was skiing around the web, i came across this site about Machu Picchu.. For those of u dat din know wat Machu Picchu is, Allow me explainin' em to u~

Machu Picchu is a BIG BIG CHEESECAKE!! Hehehe~

Of course its not, silly.. Hehe.. But it wud be nice if it is cheeseeeeeeeCakeesss!! Yuummm!!

Machu Picchu is some sort of a dwelling or a town itself, built by the Incas during 1450 or so.. Not so sure, theres lots of theories.. Hehe~ The thing is, the Incas built this bulky place on a steep hill, and without using any mortar!!! Thats like, just piling rocks on top of each other.. And its still here, after all this time!!!! Hehhe~

Look at this door.. cool isnt it?

And, erm.. Lets just show u d link okay? u go and check it yourself.. It provides a very clear video image that u can zoom in and out, while rotate etc etc.. its very cool..

And the city is very nice too.. Imagine that, how does the ancient ppl are able to think like this? they're ideology is soo super super interesting and very creative!!! :D and i tot ancient ppl are supposed to be, u knw.. dumb dumb and know nothng at all.. T.T

Inca ppl nowadays. hurm... ~~

Heres d link~ hehe~


Enjoy ur adventure in Machu Picchu~ till then, HUGSSSS!!!!

Nite nite~

ps: i'll be updating my blog soon about some cool buildings soon, when i finish all my assignmnts and all~ heheh~

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