Saturday, June 7, 2008

The end of a.. ummm... wats dat word agen? >.<

Humm.. Been so busy lately; completing my model, doing the stupid BE site visit report, journals, Drawings!!!! Arrrgghhhh!! Its CRAZY!! CRAZY i tell u!! * and dat just made me more hungry, everytime!! * Humph..

Hey, i've done my Design2 model!! Im soo happy with it, cause seriously, i think'd i did kind of a satisfying work.. huhuh~

Its nt dat nice, when its only in a singe colour n stuff, but i guess, if a more professional workmanship was applied on it, it'd be really nice * cross fingers* hehe~

Hehehe~ XD i hope i'll score god marks wif this baby~ and the presentation is on this monday, yeayyyy!! i need to buy new clothes!!! and most importantly, the pants from TopShop!!!! Hey black pants, here i come and get ya!!!!! :D

Oh yeah, im in great GREAT GREAT GREAT dilemma now!! theres supposed to be a Roxy Summer Splash thingy today at Sunway Lagoon, and im lke, shud i go or not.. i wish i can split myself into two!! waaaa!!! i have all this "blunderingly blundering" assignmnts and i just cant go to the event but , boy oh boy, how i wish i can go!! Theres free goody bags!!! waaaaa!!!

Nevermind, see later.. hahah~

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