Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Design 2 Presentation and a whole lot of surprises!!


Today is the day, haha!!

Well, today was the day that we, the design student are to present our final project, the art gallery.. We have been working our butts on it for the past few months and today is the day that we show the lecturers what have we done, and most importantly, today marks the final class of DESIGN!! YEAAAAA!!! I can already smell the heavenly sweetness of holiday!! And boy, it smells REALLY GOOD! hehe~

Well, as always, me and Daniel din sleep, cause we still have sumthng to do; well partly.. Hehe.. We just scared we cant wake up in time for the presentation cause we both r HEAVY SLEEPERS! we can sleep for hours and hours and woke up, still feeling sleepy.. Hahah~

So this morning, i was having some bit of problems.. well, my shirt that i wan to use is nt umm.. not yet iron.. and this offers me quite a problem as i never iron before!! well, when i was in PLKN, we dun really need to iron.. hehe~~ at least i never iron.. i just sent everythng to the dobby and dey do it fr me!! muahaha!! * im such a spoiled brat! *

since Daniel was busy wif his own stuff, i decided to try my hand on it, and yea, i was just.. ironing it.. haha.. it wasnt perfect, but at least my shirt was "wrinkle-free".. huhu~

i'll write about the presentation later, but nw, i need to do my journals.. hehe!! see ya!!!

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