Thursday, September 17, 2009


Have you all watched the 15 videos of 15Malaysia? If you haven't or don't even know about it, SHAME ON YOU!!!

Needless to say, do not waste any more of your time and search for these incredible, short videos and see why they have made the world! Hahaha.. In a literal sense, they mean a lot la.. Haiz.. Really meaningful..

Treat them as a plea for fellow producers to make people start thinking, and talk about what we feel about the current problems regarding social problems in our very own beloved country, Malaysia...

"In the past 20 years especially, we don't have a public forum to express public issues." Quoted from Pete Teo, Pg.22,TimeOutKL,18September 2009 Issue.

Now that is something that we shoud think about.. Promises have been made by all those big people, but were they carried out..? Oh dear.. I am talking bad about them.. Hahaha.. Please lock the door, and keep quiet about this.. I might get sued or hang.. And I still do want to live.. XD

I wonder if any of the donations, events, whatever to help those poor people are for real and sincere, or just means of publicity to show that these "big people" are working their part of bargain? No matter where we go, poverty are still at large.. Sad huh..?

Hurm.. We know just how much bad the socio-econo problems in our own country, but we turn a blind eye towards them, trying to shove that image of "poor people" away from our mind.. And in the meantime, no matter how much better our lives compared to them, we still whine and and complaint, wanting more.. Aren't we splendid, if I may ask? Hahaha!

No no, don't get me wrong.. I am not saying this because I am trying to be a goody-goody, but I am also one of those people who still whines and complaints about my life, eventhough my life now has been very very pleasant. And I knw I am no difference to them rich brats, but at least I still do still donate to those in needs.. Hahahah!

Don't believe me? Ask my mommy la!!! T_T"

If you ask me, what would my favourite film or theme among the 15 Malaysia? Hehe.. That would be Chocolate, by Yasmin Ahmad.. And no, I did not pick this because I like Yasmin Ahmad.. ( Oh, May Allah bless her.. ) It's because her film was about RACISM!!! One of the thing that I really cannot understand and tolerate.. I mean, why do you have to be racist??? Can't you just wake up and smell the breeze??? We've all been living together for soooo long, and yet, you still talk about racial difference!! Shame on you!!! ( Ehem, you refers to stinky evil racist people, not you-you.. )

I hate it!! I hate racism!! T____T" Really hate!! I can poo-poo on racism and still not be satisfied!! Grrrr!!! Why can't we all just live happily, side by side?? ( Sounds gay, but I'll live by it! No problem..)

Ugh.. Tomorrow got class.. Sei sei sei!! T___T" Need to sleep.. Night2.. =]

Mr. Big People, please do not hate me.. XD

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