Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eeee what to write?

Geez, I am soo soo bored lah.. There's nothing to do, with my only 1 day per week class schedule, I am left to dead most of the time.. Oh and please do not remind me to do my assignments, cause I damn HELL finish them in time.. ( and perfectly, too.. haha.. )

Hurm, a quick re-cap for August.. Hurm.. I guess I spent RM2K( +/- ) in the first two weeks, and another RM1K ( +/- ) towards the end of the month.. Bad huh..? Mum called me and ranted like she never did before, saying the credit cards' the main reason all this happened.. Hahaha.. She even threatened to cancel my card if I didn't change my spending flow.. Geez.. That really made my heartbeat stopped, for a second of so.. ( well, at least I still have my cash supplies.. XD )

Hurm.. So far so good on life, I've made some new friends.. Great friends, in fact.. But I guess I did lose some friends along the way too.. Hurm.. I wonder why.. I guess we did kind of grew apart on each other, and nobody did anything to save it, nor did anyone tried.. Sad, considering the fact we were quite "okay" last time.. Now we barely speak to each other, unless in a needed situation.. Sigh.. I guess this is what life is..? We gain new thing, we lose something in return..?


Hurm.. Oh note to self, Never NEVER NEVER... Err.. scratch that.. It's not worth saying it here.. Today I went to Pavillion KL for the second time.. I was here yesterday.. I was walking with my friends when I noticed this guy were staring at me.. And I damn made sure I didn't look suspicious or wearing anything out of the ordinary.. Then it came to my head, was this guy checking me out..? Sheesh.. I know Pavillion being a hub for gay people but I never knew any would be looking my way.. T____T" Swt.. So weird.. Lucky he's cute or I wouldn't be paying attention to him.. LOLx! Anywya, ignoring him, I walked past him, and that's all there is to it.. I wonder what would other people do in this condition.? Do they give in or something..? Hurm.. Well, I am not that good in making the first contact, cause I am.. a very very anxious person.. Hahahah! So, I never was the first to approach others, and just remain quiet till they approach me instead..

I'm not being bitchy, okay..? That's just the way I am.. o.O


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Absolutely with you it agree. It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.

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