Tuesday, September 22, 2009


What a repetition.. Almost every blog entry of mine has the word "bored" in it.. Figures eh? I guess I am just tooo bored, or may be a boring person myself.. It's 5.02am now and I am sitting in the living room, listening to the music in channel 714 in Astro.. That's Channel [ V ] by the way..

Seriously, I did nothing today.. Nothing significant, except sleeping and Facebooking.. =] Oh I know the sleeping part makes me sound like a pig; but hear me out first.. I slept around 4am yesterday and woke up around 630am and been awake since then.. I continued sleeping around 12pm, and woke up around 5pm.. Hahahah.. And haven't had dinner till well past 10pm.. Hurm.. What an unhealthy life.. T____T"

Here's an interesting thought, I read in Readers Digest that you can loose weight while sleeping.. So, I was like, can I sleep my whole life out and loose weight? Should try this, you know.. Sleep continuously for 1 week, or in another word, hybernate for a week, and see the result.. XD

I've been chatting with this guy for almost 2weeks already and yeah, I can say we're quite the friend, or combination.. His name is Tan Kok Chuan, a 15year old from Singapore; whom I address as bro.. And to start the "fire", he called me uncle.. Damn cibai.. XD We;ve met in Facebook, and began chatting and eventually web-cam-ing in Msn, everyday.. Chu Chu is a normal sweet boy that like any other boy in their puberty, have problems with girls, their hormones, temper and stuff like that.. And he turn to me about those stuff, which I gladly advice and giving tips.. =] More or less, I enjoyed this so much cause I never have a brother, only sister.. =]

Here's a picture of me and Chu Chu.. XD

Hurm.. I guess I won't sleep now.. Way past the sleeping time le.. I need to call PAWS later and ask if they're open today.. And if they do, I'm gonna pay them a visit.. XD

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