Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am soo damn angry!!

Oh dear.. It's that time of the month again for me.. It's PMS time!!



Take cover!!

Am I soo drama..? That's the response I get from my lil' bro all the time.. Hahaha.. Kept saying that I am so dramatic, thus why he laugh all the time when we Msn-web-camming every day.. Figures, eh?

Today I am utterly, disturbingly, irrepairable ANGRY!! Aaaarrgghhh!! I feel so angry I can slap somebody!! Sigh.. I think I know what contributed to this anger, but its not nice saying it here since its soo public.. Sad eh? Wanting to share the truth and yet, having to hold back the thought to avoid tears, shouting, madness, and probably bloodshed.. Hahaha.. ( Get the drama part now..? )

Sometime I really want to let all my hair down and just do as I please, do whatever it is that is inside my fucking head and Go.. Just go, and express what I feel rather than having to wait till everything turns to the worse.. Aaarrgghh.. How does it feel not to have emotions eh? Will it help making saying thinsgs a hell lot easier..?

For once, I wish I can ignore my emotions and just express it all without taking note of others expressions.. >_< Sheesh.. I am not emo!! No way!! I just notice emotions more.. Hehehe.. I can read face, as I put it.. I judge you through observations, on how you act, how you talk.. Everything.. From that, I can say I can predict what you going to do when you're angry, when you're everything.. XD Weird eh? Ooooooo I want to scrunch your face sooooo bad!!! Aaarrgghh!! I want to pull your hair till you scream for mercy!! Aaaarrggghhh!!! Eeeeee!!!!! Go to hell!!!!!

Ah daym! I still have unfinished assignments.. But HELL I'm going out of my room.. No way! I might explode, for all that matter.. Sheesh.. Even the tiniest little thing now may trigger my already managed anger.. Haiz.. It's so hard.. I want a new house.. Can I..?

- my favourite angry eyes.. Thanks to Maryam.. -

-roz/still angry-

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