Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm still a Britney Spears fan!!

I guess i can say that we actually grew up with music.. Music has always been one with us; and one with every other things.. And we grew up with Britney Spears, whom we used to regard as the Pop Princess.. Whom we adored and luv.. Whose songs we sang with and we danced with.. Hahaha~ I can still vaguely remembered her old innocent pic, and yea, she was super cute that time..

Ain't she's the sweetest thing?

People know her through her debut, Baby One more Time.. Hahaha.. I do still hum that song nowadays.. Lol.. Hey, its fun.. =D

But as she grew older and "matured", so as her songs and actions.. Dhuhhh.. Ders no need explaining bout it right? I guess you all knw about it too.. But, she became howt!! Lol!! How many guys jacked off to her images and her videos??? And i mean, dance videos!! Not sex videos!! Come on, dun make me roll my eyes here!! ( my eyes so round it ought to pop out if i roll it.. Lol )

i luv dis shot.. heheh~ i knw its photo-shoppd ( dhurrrr!!! ) but its still, nice.. =D

Looking dazzling.. lol.. ( somehow i kept smiling when looking at this pic.. looks weird.. )
[ okay, nobody sue or hate me.. im still a Britney fan! ]

Well, ima skip of all the bad thngs and the unethical thngs she did cause, ders no point in making her look bad!! NO WAY!! now, i can proudly say, Britney's BACK YO!! And shes rockin'fella!! Cool!! Luv her new album.. and Circus is ought to come out soon too!! Woooo!! * nose bleeds *

Lol.. cant wait to get me hands on her new album.. haha.. till then, way ta go Brit!! =D
( i hv no idea for the reason behind dis post.. i guess im just bored...... )


2 Mini Croaks:

bll rhm said...

haha who doesnt love britney? everyone does. i secretly love her too. haha :D

- AaRoz - said...

hehe Belle.. dat makes 2 of us.. =D

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